The myPatch®sl Monitoring Specialists

dms-service, LLC has yet again revolutionized the Holter recording industry with the introduction of the myPatch®sl Holter recorder. The myPatch®sl Holter recorder continuously records 2 channels of ECG up to 14 days or 3 channels of ECG up to 9 days . . . and it’s and it’s designed to withstand showers and accidental submersions.

Holter monitoring is now easier than ever with our ECG Recorder!  When designing the myPatch®sl recorder, patient comfort and ease of use were priorities. After all, a happy and comfortable patient makes for a compliant patient. Take a moment to learn more about the myPatch®sl Holter recorder, our Cardiac Monitoring Services and how we can work with your medical practice.


myPatch®sl, the brand new Revolutionary Holter Recorder with unparalleled Patient Compliance!

Practice Support

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Cardiac Services

Holter and Cardiac Event Monitoring Services Made Easy! Enjoy unparalleled 24-hour 365 days a year service.

We are proud to introduce the brand new myPatch®sl Holter monitor. The myPatch®sl offers industry leading features and convenience. Now your patients can enjoy a wireless, light-weight, water proof Holter recorder that makes every day life a breeze. Holter Tests are made easy with our heart and ECG recorder. Prominent features include 3 channels of continuous ECG, multiple electrode size options, tap-tap event markers, internal clock, rechargeable battery and compatibility with most major Holter analysis systems.

  • Snap, peel, stick and go! Enjoy normal activities immediately after application.
  • Introducing the ONLY body-worn Holter monitor device that is IP Rated 68.
  • Showering and accidental submerges are no problem.
  • Record up to 3 channels of ECG using our PATENTED electrode!
  • Only body-worn Holter test device that records 2 channels of ECG for up to 14 days.
  • myPatch®sl offers 3 different electrode sizes: Neonate, Pediatric and Adult.
  • Easy “Double-Tap” feature added for event marking convenience.
  • Patient comfort and convenience mean better patient compliance.
  • Easily interfaces to work with most major Holter analysis software packages.

The Brand New Revolutionary myPatch®sl Holter Recorder is Here.

Finally, a patch Holter monitor for the Active Lifestyle.


  • We have been using the myPatch® Holters for about a year in our office and our patients love it! The wireless patch gives them the flexibility and comfort to go about their normal daily routine without letting others know they are wearing a heart monitor. I performed many comparisons between the wireless patch and the traditional 5 wired Holter monitors and found accuracy of rhythms to be right on!

    Sarah Goldey
    Heart Center of Southern MD
  • I think myPatch® is truly revolutionary, extraordinary! The patient comfort and ease of use is unparalleled.

    Lynda has proven to be professional and a reliable resource for the last 35 years we have worked with her. She is always available to help us and always willing to train our new technicians and nurses on the uses of Holter equipment…

    Stephen R. Corday, MD, FACC
    Los Angeles, CA
  • I have done business with Lynda Cole and dms-service since entering practice.  Great products and great customer service.  Software has been sound and updated appropriately.  We have had virtually no down time with our systems.

    C. Jeffrey Carlson, MD, FACC
    Fremont, CA
  • Lynda has been a personalized and knowledgeable resource for the past several years and her involvement has been invaluable in the advancement of the field of heart rate variability research.

    Phyllis K. Stein, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Medicine
    Director, Washington University School of Medicine HRV Lab


Patients can feel comfortable and confident wearing the new myPatch®sl for up to two (2) weeks.

While the myPatch®sl passed testing for IP68 (1 hour submersion up to 2 meters) we do not recommend you keep the device and electrode submerged in water. We do recommend that you avoid submerging the device and electrode while taking a bath.

Double tap on the device. A digital mark will be placed on the recording so the exact moment in the recording can be reviewed by your health care profession.

Some patients may experience a rash or discomfort due to the adhesive on the electrode. Please contact your health care if you experience blistering, severe itching or irritation.