One size does NOT fit all when it comes to electrodes for body worn devices.  The electrode must fit the body size of the patient that has been prescribed the monitor.  With that in mind, myPatch®sl has 3 sizes of electrodes:  Adult, Pediatric and Neonate.


This 2 channel myPatch®sl electrode has been designed for the smallest of patients.


This electrode is for those patients that need an electrode larger than the neonate and not quite as large as the Adult.  A single lead wire can be snapped to the bottom of it and attached to a standard ECG electrode.  This electrode can be placed at the V5 position on the patient’s chest for a 3rd channel of ECG data. OR the electrode can be worn without the attached lead wire for 2 channels of ECG data.


This 2/3 channel electrodes is available in 2 different adhesives.  Light adhesive is recommended for a 24 hr – 72 hr wear time.  The standard adhesive is recommended for long term wear over 72 hours.