Holter Recorders

DMS-Service provides a range of Holter recorders to meet your every need. Each new recorder carries a 2 year warranty. Our waterproof Holter monitors are versatile heart monitors used for cardiac monitoring that can also be worn in the shower.

myPatch®sl Holter Recorder

Yes, the all new myPatch®sl Holter monitor is here! The myPatch®sl offers industry leading features and convenience. Now your patients can enjoy a light-weight, water proof Holter recorder that makes every day life a breeze.

Enjoy up to 3 channels of continuous ECG, multiple electrode size options, tap-tap event markers, internal clock, rechargeable battery and compatibility with most major Holter analysis systems.

  • Snap, peel, stick and go! Enjoy normal activities immediately after application.
  • Introducing the ONLY body worn Holter device that is IP Rated 68.
  • Showering, swimming, and accidental submerges are no problem.
  • Record up to 3 channels of ECG using our PATENTED electrode!
  • The only Holter device that can record 2 channels of ECG for up to 14 days.
  • myPatch®sl comes with 3 different electrode sizes: Neonate, Pediatric and Adult.
  • Easy “Double-Tap” feature added for event marking convenience.
  • Patient comfort and convenience means better patient compliance and more accurate data.
  • Easily interfaces to work with most major Holter analysis software packages.
  • myPatch®sl was engineered so that no dust can penetrate it.
  • myPatch®sl can be under 2 meters of water for one (1) full hour.
  • User selectable channels and sample rates allows for varying recording periods.
  • Use the myPatch®sl direct with the dms-service scanning service.

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myPatch® Holter Recorder

myPatch® is a revolutionary, water resistant Holter monitor. With it’s selectable channel and sample rate selection, the user can determine how many days myPatch® records.

Weighing a scant 1/2 ounce, myPatch® is compatible with many Holter systems and eliminates flashcards, pouches and batteries. The patients’ comfort and ease of use is unparalleled.

myPatch® is placed in its disposable electrode on the patients sternum or over the 4th Left intercostal space recording 1, 2 or 3 channels of data up to 72 hours.

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VX3+ Holter Recorder

This small, lightweight (2.7 oz) Holter monitor records using TRUE read and write selectable sample rates ranging from 128 samples per second per channel to 1024 samples per second per channel. The VX3+ will record up to 3 days dependent upon which sample rate was selected.

The clear screen display allows you to view the ECG data in either a single channel or 3 channel format. A patient’s name and ID number are easily entered using the touchpads on the recorder. During the recording period, the patient can press any touchpad activating the Event button.

The patient cable comes in a 5 lead wire or 7 lead wire version and snaps easily into the side of the recorder. The revolutionary material used in the cable design provides added strength and elasticity resulting in longer cable life.

The 10 bit recorder uses an SD card as a recording medium.

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DMS 300-7 Holter Recorder, Used

This 5oz fully loaded Holter recorder can be used as a 7 lead, 3-channel or a 5 lead, 3-channel Holter recorder.

The 24 hours of continuous ECG data is recorded on a removable SANDISK compact flash card. This recorder is powered by one “AA” battery.

Use this DMS 300-7 recorder with the CardioScan/Premier Holter analysis software versions up to and including versions 52a.

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Holter Analysis Software

Holter Analysis Software requirements vary from facility to facility. Please call your local dms-service representative or dms-service at (800) 40-PATCH to discuss your needs. Our waterproof Holter and heart monitor are perfect for cardiac monitoring, and have options of variable wear times!

Holter Supplies

myPatch®sl Recorder

  • Neonate 2 channel Electrode
  • myPatch®sl 2/3 Pediatric Electrode
  • Adult 2/3 Chanel Electrode
  • 6″ Shielded Lead Wire
  • 13″ Shielded Lead Wire

myPatch® Holter Recorder

  • myPatch® 2/3 Electrode Channel
  • 6″ Shielded Lead Wire
  • 13″ Shielded Lead Wire

DMS 300-7 and 300-6 Holter Recorders

  • Compact Flash Cards
  • Carrying Case and Waist Belt
  • 5 Lead Bonded Wire set
  • 7 Lead Bonded Wire set
  • Battery Door

VX3+ Holter Recorder

  • Recorder Carrying Case & Belt
  • 7 Lead Wire Cable
  • 5 Lead Wire Cable
  • SD card
  • Battery Door
  • Carrying Clip

Software Sales

We provide a variety of fast, accurate Holter Analysis software packages. Contact dms-service so we can help you select the program that best meets your needs. To get cardiac monitoring while in the shower try the waterproof Holter heart monitors from DMS service.

Holter Recorder Repairs

DMS-Service repairs the following Holter recorders:

  • DMS 300-3
  • DMS 300-3M
  • DMS 300-7
  • VX3+

Please contact us for more information.